Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Week 4

Lesson 4

Questions and Answers

1. Is there a swimming pool in your place?
A: Yes, there's one. Would you like to go swimming?
A: No, there isn't.

2. Is there
a bank around here?
A: Yes, there's one across the coffee shop.
A: Yes, it's next to the post office.

3. Are there any good stores in your hometown?
A: Yes. You could go shopping at the night bazaars.
A: No, my hometown is very small but you could always take a trip to the big city next to my hometown.

4. Do you like your hometown?
A: Yes, I love it very much. It's quiet and there's no pollution.
A: No, I don't like my hometown. It's too quiet for me.

5. Do you like Bangkok?
A: Yes, I love Bangkok. There are a lot things to do and I always enjoy the busy life.
A:No, it's too crowded and I don't like the noisy city.

6. What is the fastest way to get to
Siam Paragon?
A: You could take the
Sky Train.
A: You could take the taxi but it would be a little expensive.

7. Where can you go out with your friends?
A: There's always
Major Rachayothin close to the university.
Central Ladprao is not that far from Chandrakasem. It's only one bus ride from here.

8. Where can you use the internet?
A: There are many internet cafes
behind the university.
A: You can use your laptop and use the university's wireless.

9. What can you do in a coffee shop?
A: In a coffee shop you can buy a cup of coffee or get something to eat.
A: In a coffee shop you can use Wi Fi but you have to buy a cup of coffee or something to eat.

10. Who is that guy standing in front of the restaurant?
A: Oh, that's my brother. He is a student. He studies at
Chulalornkorn University.
A: He is my boyfriend. He studies music. He is a good singer.


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