Thursday, November 12, 2009

Listening and Speaking 2

Questions and Answers

Week 5

1. Q: What are you doing over the holidays?
A: I'm planning to visit my relatives.
A: I don't know yet.

2. Q: What do you think of my friend?
A: He's funny.
A: I don't like him.
A: He seems nice.

3. Q: What have you been doing lately?
A: I've been working on a project for school.
A: Nothing much, really.

4. Q: What has he been doing?
A: He's been surfing the internet.
A: He's been singing with friends.
A: He's been roller blading.

5. Q: What did you do for her birthday?
A: I bought a cake and some gifts.
A: I gave her some gold earrings.
A: We went out to a movie together.

6. Q: What do you spend the most money on every month?
A: I spend the most money on food.
A: I spend the money on my phone.

7. Q: What did your mother say to you?
A: She said she would transfer the money tomorrow.
A: She said I can't go to the beach with you.
A: She said that she would think about it.

8. Q: Which is at 8:30, the movie or the concert?
A: The concert.

9. Q: What do you think of your teacher?
A: I think he is a good teacher.
A: I think she knows a lot.

10. Q: What do you think of Tata Young?
A: I think she is beautiful, and her music is great.
A: I don't like her music, but she is beautiful.

Listening and Speaking 2

Questions and Answers

Week 4

1. Q: When should students arrive to class?
A: Students should arrive fifteen minutes ahead of time.
A: Students should arrive fifteen minutes late.

2. Q: When do you get up late?
A: When I don't have any classes.
A: When I don't have to go to work.

3. Q: When do you get home late?
A: When I work overtime.
A: When I have lots of work.

4. Q: What do you want to do tonight?
A: Let's go to the movies.
A: Oh, nothing much. I'm kind of tired.

5. Q: What did you do on your vacation?
A: I went to the ocean.
A: I went to the mountains.

6. Q: What did you think of the movie?
A: I thought it was great.
A: It couldn't have been better.

7. Q: What's the matter? You look tired.
A: I want to take a vacation.
A: I'm sick of school.
A: I want to take a day off.

8. Q: What time did the movie end?
A: It ended at 7 p.m.
A: I'm not sure. I didn't look at my watch.

9. Q: What time did you get out of the meeting?
A: It was nearly three o'clock.

10. Q: What's it like outside?
A: It's windy and cold.
A: It's nice outside.
A: It's sunny and cool.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Listening and Speaking 2

Questions and Answers

Week 3

1. Q: Where did you learn English?
A: I lived in America for a while.
A: I learned it in school.
A: I learned it by myself.

2. Q: Where are you going to pick him up?
A: He's waiting for me at the park.
A: I told him to wait for me at the bank.

3. Q: When does the class start?
A: It starts in thirty minutes.
A: It starts at eight A.M.

4. Q: When did the mail come?
A: It hasn't come yet.
A: It came about an hour ago.

5. Q: When did you last visit Phuket?
A: It was nearly four years ago.
A: I have never visited Phuket.

6. Q: When will the next bus be here?
A: It will be here in 10 minutes.
A: A bus comes by every fifteen minutes.

7. Q: When did they come?
A: Only about five minutes ago.
A: They came last night.

8. Q: When are you going to drop her off at home?
A: I'll take her home after the party.
A: I'll drop her off before midnight.

9. Q: When do you finish classes today?
A: I'll finish at six p.m.
A: I don't have any classes today.

10. Q: When was the last time you went to the movies?
A: I went to the movies last Saturday.
A: I've never been to the movies.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Listening and Speaking 2

Questions and Answers

Week 2

1. What do you want to do after you graduate?
A: I want to look for a job.
A: I want to travel.
A: I want to help my family.

2. Where do you plan to go for your vacation?
A: I haven't decided yet.
A: Nowhere special. I'll just stay home.

3. Where do you live?
A: I live in Sakon Nakorn.

4. Where did she come from?
A: She came from the cafeteria.
A: She just came back from Chiang Mai.

5. Where was she last night?
A: She was with some friends.
A: She was sleeping in her bed.

6. Where were you at lunch time?
A: We were at the cafeteria.
A: I was at a restaurant.

7. Where did you buy your mobile?
A: I bought it at Central Laodprao.
A: I bought it at MBK.

8. Where were you born?
A: I was born in Bangkok.

9. Where will you spend your weekend?
A: I'm going to spend it at a friend's house.
A: I'm planning to spend it with a friend.

10. Where can I put my books?
A: Put them on the table over there.
A: Put them down anywhere.

Listening and Speaking 2

Questions and Answers

Week 1

1. What's the weather like?
A: The weather is just fine.
A: Oh, it's too cold for me.

2. How would you describe your daily life?
A: Not too busy, not too boring.
A: Busy but good.

3. How's life in Bangkok?
A: Terrible! It's hot here.
A: Always in a hurry.
A: Awesome. Love the vibe of the city.

4. What do you do in the evenings?
A: I usually watch TV.
A: I do my homework and review my lessons.

5. What's your favorite day of the week?
A: My favorite day of the week is Friday.

6. Do you always coook dinner?
A: No, I don't.
A: Sometimes, I do.

7. Do you go to bed late?
A: Yes, I go to bed late.
A: No, I don't. I love to go to bed early and wake up early.

8. How often do you go out with friends?
A: I go out with friends once a week.
A: Rarely, nowadays.

9. Where in Thailand does he live?
A: He lives up in the Northern part of Thailand.

10. What do you do on Saturdays?
A: I clean up my room and do my laundry.
A: I sleepover at a friend's house on Saturdays.

LIFE Camp October 2009

Learning Intesive Free English

Light Camp October 2009

Here are some pictures of Light Camp. In October, during the break I enjoyed helping out camps. I went to Sawang Deandin, Sakon Nakorn to teach at a camp. Hope you will enjoy my pictures.