Monday, August 24, 2009

Week 10

1. Q: Why are you going to the library?
A: I'm going to return some books.

2. Q: Why do you go to the library?
A: I go to the library to study.
A: I go to the library to look through books.
A: I go to the library to get books.

3. Q: Why do people go jogging?
A: People go jogging to have fun.
A: People jog to exercise.

4. Q: Who do you work for?
A: I work for IBM.
Tesco Lotus
Thomas Smith
A: I have my own business.
A: I don't work. I'm a student.

5. Q: Who do you study with?
A: I study with Ajarn Michelle.
A: I study with Ajarn Steve.

6. Q: How's the food?
A: It's OK.
A: It's great.
A: It's not good.

7. Q: How tall are you?
A: I am a hundred and sixty centimeters tall.

8. Q: How old are you?
A: I am twenty-one years old.

9: Q: How do you like the weather?
A: I like this kind of weather.
A: It's too hot.

10. Q: How many brothers and sisters do you have?
A: I have four brothers and three sisters.
A: I don't have brothers and sisters.
A: I'm the only child.

Week 9

1. Q: Where is the restroom?
A: It's over there.

2. Q: Where is the airport?
A: It's outside the town.

3. Q: Where is the post office?
A: It's next to the bank.
in front of

4. Q: Where are you?
A: I am here.
at school
at work
at the store
on a bus

5. Q: Where are you going?
A: I'm going shopping.
A: I'm going home.
A: I'm going to Sakon Nakhorn.
to the bus station
to a restaurant
to a party

6. Q: Where is Miss/Mr. /Mrs. ________ ?
A: He's at a meeting. (She's)
A: He's at work.
A: He's in his office.

7. Q: Where does your father work?
A: My father works in Bangkok.

8. Q: Where is the President's office?
A: It's in building _______ on the _______ floor.

9. Q: Where did you go yesterday?
A: I went shopping.
A: I went home.
A: I just stayed in my apartment.

10. Q: Where did you buy that shirt?
A: I bought it at Jatujak Market.
A: My mom gave it.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Week 8

1. Q: What did you do last Saturday?
A: I visited my parents.
A: I slept all day.
A: I watched TV.

2. Q: What did you do yesterday?
A: I played tennis.
A: I went to Phuket.
A: I did my homework.

3. Q: What did you do on your vacation?
A: I went fishing.
A: I went swimming.
A: I went away.
A: I went on a tour.

4. Q: When did you go to bed last night?
A: I went to bed
at 10:00 PM.

5. Q: When did you have breakfast this morning?
A: I had breakfast at 7:00.

6. Q: Have you eaten
lunch yet?
A: No, not yet.
A: Yes, I ate already.

7. Q: When were you born?
A: I was born on
February fourteenth nineteen eighty one.

8. Q: When are going
to the library?
A: I'm going tomorrow.
A: I'm going on Saturday.
A: I'm going tonight.

9. Q: When did you
buy that?
A: Just a few
days ago.

10. When are you getting married?
A: I don't plan on getting married.
A: I don't know.
A: When I am old enough.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Fun classes and fun students make my day so bright...

Tick, in my Seminar in English Class is one of the "guest speakers" speaking in the topic "How to Preserve Thai Culture."

The Vietnamese Students join Children Literature Class.

The Three Little Foxes
The Monkeys and the Crocodile

ABCs verses for children.
Children Literature class perform verses for children.
Miss Pancake in my Listening and Speaking 3 class discusses about Thais superstitions with our visitors from Hue University, Vietnam.
Diction and Speech class. Each student has to read the words and sentences in correct rhythm, intonation and stress.
Listening and Speaking 3 students prepare for the oral test with me.
These two do their homework.

Week 7

1. What do you do?
A: I'm a typist.
a student
an engineer
a farmer

2. What are you doing?
A: I'm taking the test.
cleaning the room
opening the can
washing the car
fixing the car
watching TV
reading a book

3. What are you looking for?
A: I'm looking for a toilet.
a restaurant
a drugstore
a grocery store

4. What are you doing tonight?
A: I'll probably stay at home.
A: I'll probably watch a movie.

5. What are you going to do this weekend?
A: I am going to study for my test.
A: I am going to visit my parents.
A: I am going to play football with my friends.

6. What's today's date?
A: It's the twenty first of September.

7. What time is it?
A: It is four P.M.
A: It is ten A. M.

8. What are you like?
What is she like?
A: I am friendly.
A: I love to talk.
A: I am a nice person.
A: I like to learn.

9. What does she look like?
A: She is tall and beautiful.
A: She is short and fat.
A: She has brown skin and black hair.
A: She has brown eyes and white skin.

10. What do you do when you can not sleep?
A: I talk to my friends on the phone.
A: I read a book.

Week 6

1. Do you know Siriluck?
A: Yes, we go to the same school.
A: No, I don't know her.

2. Do you think she is pretty?
A: No, not really.
A: Yes, she is.

3. Do we have a test today?
A: Yes, I think we do.
A: No, I don't think so.
A: I don't know.
A: I hope not.

4. Did you go home last weekend?
A: No, I had to study.
B: Yes, I went home last weekend.

5. Did you do your homework?
A: Yes, I did.
A: No, I didn't.
A: No, not yet.
A: No, I didn't have any.

6. Did you study last night?
A: Yes, I did.
A: No, I didn't. I went out with my friends.

7. Did you like the movie?
A: Yes, I loved it.
A: It was OK.
A: No, I thought it was boring.

8. Did you have fun?
A: Yes, I enjoyed myself a lot.
A: No, it was boring.
A: Yes, I guess so.

9. Did you get my email?
A: Yes, I got it yesterday.
A: No, I didn't get it yet.

10. Did you sleep well last night?
A: Yes, I had a good sleep.
A: No, I had a nightmare last night.
A: No, I talked to my boyfriend on the phone.
A: No, I studied hard for my exams.