Friday, August 14, 2009

Week 6

1. Do you know Siriluck?
A: Yes, we go to the same school.
A: No, I don't know her.

2. Do you think she is pretty?
A: No, not really.
A: Yes, she is.

3. Do we have a test today?
A: Yes, I think we do.
A: No, I don't think so.
A: I don't know.
A: I hope not.

4. Did you go home last weekend?
A: No, I had to study.
B: Yes, I went home last weekend.

5. Did you do your homework?
A: Yes, I did.
A: No, I didn't.
A: No, not yet.
A: No, I didn't have any.

6. Did you study last night?
A: Yes, I did.
A: No, I didn't. I went out with my friends.

7. Did you like the movie?
A: Yes, I loved it.
A: It was OK.
A: No, I thought it was boring.

8. Did you have fun?
A: Yes, I enjoyed myself a lot.
A: No, it was boring.
A: Yes, I guess so.

9. Did you get my email?
A: Yes, I got it yesterday.
A: No, I didn't get it yet.

10. Did you sleep well last night?
A: Yes, I had a good sleep.
A: No, I had a nightmare last night.
A: No, I talked to my boyfriend on the phone.
A: No, I studied hard for my exams.


Anonymous said...

Hello teacher Michelle.
I'm Supattra Boonsoi.
I like your conversation because
I can use benefit from your conversation
to talk with my friend.
thank you.

Nudang said...

I.D. 5211205512 Suwannee thongchan

Hello! teacher.

I like keeping blogspot and conversation.

Nongnat Worachina said...


Hello... teacher.

How are you to day?

I like your conversation and

I happy Mid term test....