Monday, August 24, 2009

Week 9

1. Q: Where is the restroom?
A: It's over there.

2. Q: Where is the airport?
A: It's outside the town.

3. Q: Where is the post office?
A: It's next to the bank.
in front of

4. Q: Where are you?
A: I am here.
at school
at work
at the store
on a bus

5. Q: Where are you going?
A: I'm going shopping.
A: I'm going home.
A: I'm going to Sakon Nakhorn.
to the bus station
to a restaurant
to a party

6. Q: Where is Miss/Mr. /Mrs. ________ ?
A: He's at a meeting. (She's)
A: He's at work.
A: He's in his office.

7. Q: Where does your father work?
A: My father works in Bangkok.

8. Q: Where is the President's office?
A: It's in building _______ on the _______ floor.

9. Q: Where did you go yesterday?
A: I went shopping.
A: I went home.
A: I just stayed in my apartment.

10. Q: Where did you buy that shirt?
A: I bought it at Jatujak Market.
A: My mom gave it.

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