Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Listening and Speaking 2

Questions and Answers

Week 3

1. Q: Where did you learn English?
A: I lived in America for a while.
A: I learned it in school.
A: I learned it by myself.

2. Q: Where are you going to pick him up?
A: He's waiting for me at the park.
A: I told him to wait for me at the bank.

3. Q: When does the class start?
A: It starts in thirty minutes.
A: It starts at eight A.M.

4. Q: When did the mail come?
A: It hasn't come yet.
A: It came about an hour ago.

5. Q: When did you last visit Phuket?
A: It was nearly four years ago.
A: I have never visited Phuket.

6. Q: When will the next bus be here?
A: It will be here in 10 minutes.
A: A bus comes by every fifteen minutes.

7. Q: When did they come?
A: Only about five minutes ago.
A: They came last night.

8. Q: When are you going to drop her off at home?
A: I'll take her home after the party.
A: I'll drop her off before midnight.

9. Q: When do you finish classes today?
A: I'll finish at six p.m.
A: I don't have any classes today.

10. Q: When was the last time you went to the movies?
A: I went to the movies last Saturday.
A: I've never been to the movies.


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