Sunday, January 10, 2010

Week 9

Questions and Answers

1. What do we need to buy at the store?
A: We don't need anything right now.
A: We need some bread, rice and fish.

2. What are you going to eat for dinner today?
A: I'm going to eat a salad.
A: I feel like eating some fruit.

3. What did you buy yesterday?
A: I bought some groceries.

4. What do you consider your worst habit?
A: I go to sleep too late every night.
A: I drink too much beer.

5. What kind of personality do you have?
A: I'm a kind person.
A: I'm a polite person.
A: I'm a lazy person.
A: I'm a sloppy person.
A: I'm an honest person.
A: I'm a reliable person.
A: I'm a responsible person.

6. What did you ask your mother for?
A: I asked her for some money.
A: I asked her to make bamboo curry for me.
A: I asked her for her blessing.
A: I asked for her permission to go to Bangkok.

7. What are some things you can do?
A: I can draw pictures.
A: I can use a computer.
A: I can swim.
A: I can be a good leader.
A: I can ride a horse.

8. What are some things you like to do?
A: I like to play guitar.
A: I like to go out with friends.
A: I like to serve people.
A: I like to play sports.
A: I like to travel.
A: I like to listen to music.

9. What do I have to do to get healthy?
A: You might have to start exercising.
A: You might have to go on a diet.
A: You might want to try vegetarian food.

10. What do you like to read?
A: I like to read comics.
A: I like to read short stories.

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